Vichy Republicans and the #VichyGOP Hashtag

The #VichyGOP title for our blog is shorthand for who Reagan biographer Craig Shirley referred to as “Vichy Republicans” in his excellent April 2014 essay.

We’re big fans of the First Lady of Conservatism, Mrs Phyllis Schlafly; and her making the case for Trump in January, and subsequent full-throated endorsement two months later sealed the deal for us… And damned near toppled her from her Eagle Forum.

Also, just as Mrs Schlafly despised Governor George Romney as part of the “Kingmaker class,” along with governor’s Bill Scranton (PA) and Rockefeller, we despise his son Mitt as every bit as rotten. His dad helped lose the 1964 election, and not only did he lose the 2102 election, he’s trying to lose 2016 for us as well.


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